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Carl Bailey & Delaware State Racketeering

Delaware State racketeering, unlawful ousting, and much more. Me and my families experience with Delaware State Officials and the theft of our home. Still fighting for our stolen home.

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About Carl Bailey

I am a, hardworking, father of 5 and grandfather to 8.  I started my own construction company and purchased these 3 separate properties in Townsend, DE decades ago. It took me several years to build everything on those properties by hand. From the clearing of the trees and paving of the driveway, to the two story house, barn, basketball court and even digging out the pond. I moved my family out of the city and onto this property. This house was not only a home to me and my immediate family but also to the rest of our family. A place they could call home away from home. Where we had family reunions and could let the children roast marshmallows and sleep under the stars.

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 My experiences with Delaware State Official Racketeering and Theft


Some of the many crimes committed against my family and has been vandalism to our home and belongings, shots fired at and into our home, changed and poisonous contracts being excepted by the courts, being denied multiple police reports, and much more. Please see images, videos and documents.


I have come into contact with too many officials who are complicit in theft of our home and have been working together to obstruct justice in many ways. Trying  to protect their involvement in fraud which exceeds crimes against myself. One of the many officials being attorney general, Kathy Jennings, who i believe not only played a part but refused to due her appointed duties in seeking justice or even reporting the clear unlawful acts and racketeering invloved in my case. This case alone is not a solo act. They have easily embezzled millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars from many. This money being funneled through the New Castle County and Delaware State Courts.

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Get in Touch

We would love any help that we could get towards rectifying this issue and being able to rightfully go back home. Being able to return home is one of the most important things to our family. Questions, comments or even simply because you can relate? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

(302) 593-8388

If you would like to meet to talk in person, please feel free to email or call.

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